Friday, June 20, 2008

LiveLink WCM Woes?

Does your organisation use the LiveLink WCM from OpenText? If so, you are no doubt aware that OpenText announced the demise of LiveLink WCM - they are no longer selling new licences for the product and are instead selling RedDot as their CMS of choice. The product itself will only be supported for another couple of years and OpenText are suggesting a migration strategy towards RedDot for existing LiveLink WCM users. Whether RedDot is an improvement on LiveLink WCM is a mute point at this stage.

As you are also no doubt aware, finding skilled and experienced LiveLink WCM developers has never been easy and has always been expensive - somewhere between £800-1300 per days is typical. Unfortunately, finding LiveLink resources is only going to get harder as suppliers desert the product in favour of the next big thing (which probably won't be RedDot!).

In order to fill the gap, Fresh Web Services are offering existing LiveLink WCM users a support plan that will enable you to continue to maximise your use and ROI from your LiveLink WCM investment while you consider your long term options. From a little under £500 per day, we are offering a 5 day per month support package* - this includes template development, scripting, etc. From a little under £600 per day you can alternatively purchase a 3 day per month support package*.

So, contact us here at Fresh Web Services and talk to us about our LiveLink WCM support packages. This is a golden opportunity to buy your organisation some breathing space while you consider your CMS options.

* minimum 12 month contract.
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