Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skip Hire Leicester - an seo experiment

I've been tasked with improving the search engine rankings for the term 'skip hire leicester' by a client. So, I've created a single page about skip hire in leicestershire on his website, and was wondering what influence a single blog post on Google's own blogging platform might have on its Google rankings.

This page has some basic information about the type of skips that can be hired and what each skip is best used for. I've not gone in for over the top 'on page optimisations' (like loads of headers, etc) & I've also tried to ensure that all the content is original - ie, not lifted from a highly ranking competitor. So, the page has some good, original and useful content. But good content is not usually enough, especially in a competitive search sector.

Good quality inbound links are usually thought to be key factors in improving page rank. That's one reason why almost all the comments on this blog tend to be spam, with links through to some site or other. The spammers are trying to gain inbound links for their own campaigns. So, I thought I'd experiment with the power of one - one deliberate inbound link.

Todate, this website only has one 1st page Google ranking, for the term 'commercial skip hire leicester'. Domestic skip hire leicester is another key phrase, but the real target is skip hire leicester or leicester skip hire.

So, I'll check back in a week or so & see if this little contribution has had any noticeable effect. Although how I quantify the effect is something I frankly don't know yet!