Tuesday, October 05, 2010

LiveLink WCM - new roadmap

Well, OpenText recently announced a new roadmap for their LiveLink WCM product. Sometime after announcing its likely demise, it has now risen, not quite Phoenix like, from the ashes and will have a facelift & other cosmetic enhancements. To celebrate, OpenText are now selling new licences for LiveLInk WCM, almost a couple of years after saying no new licences would be sold.

This announcement can't be good news for RedDot, another WCM offering owned by OpenText - it was RedDot that LiveLink users were meant to migrate to. So, not a vote of confidence in RedDot then.

Frankly, if I was an OpenText customer, I'd be more than a little cheesed off, especially if I'd followed their advice and spent big on migrating to RedDot. I'd also be really annoyed if I was a LiveLink developer who had followed their lead & prepared for the end of LiveLink WCM. What now for those that have invested in training and developing LiveLink - RedDot migration services and technologies?

On the upside, LiveLink WCM customers may save themselves quite a bit by not having to consider migration to another platform. On the downside, can they trust OpenText again?