Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation Grants

Internet marketing: Home Energy Savers commission Fresh Web Services to manage their online lead generation service using Google adWords and organic search results. The campaign is based around keyword phrases such as government grants, insulation grants, cavity wall grants, loft insulation grants and solar heating grants. The goal is to treble the number of leads currently gained while also reducing lead acquisition costs.

At the moment the website is not optimised at all, and has a very low page rank. This means that to date the client has been entirely dependent upon adWords to generate leads - an expensive existence. Therefore we're adopting a twin track strategy - initially we're trying to maximise the efficiency of the adWords campaign, splitting one large campaign into smaller, more focused campaigns. Simultaneously, we're starting to optimise the website itself, and build a linking strategy - this is a longer term strategy, but will eventually result in more and cheaper leads.

Watch this space!

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