Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ecommerce stupidities

I have an account with one of the larger football club's online shop. I've just ordered a gift for my son's birthday & thought it a good idea to update my profile before checking out, after all, I've recently moved and changed my email provider.

A simple, straightforward scenario you would think. Not a bit of it. I wasn't allowed to change either because I have an 'order history'! That's right, because I've ordered before, I can't now change my home or email address.

What a crazy situation. Now my order confirmation is going to a dead email address - probably not too much of a problem? However, the home/billing address no longer match - so that might mean my payment will be refused! On some ecommerce sites, card validation includes address verification. Hmmm!

I've now had to email the shop to ask how to change my email address, etc! How's that for enhancing the customer experience!

The only response that I've had from this site was a reply to my moan email telling me that my order had dispatched. Not impressed.
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