Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yahoo PPC changes

At the East Midlands EBusiness Expo in Nottingham yesterday, Richard Firminger, regional sales director at Yahoo!, gave us a brief overview of where Yahoo! (or is it Overture?) are in terms of new channels, etc.

Of most immediate interest to me, at least, was the overview he gave of the 'Panama' changes to the Yahoo search marketing platform currently being rolled out in the USA. Essentially, ads will be turned around almost instantly, rather than within 3 days as currently, new ad testing tools will be included (much like Gooogle Adwords already offers), more advanced analytics, & the minimum bid is being reduced to 5p - effectively allowing advertisers to target the 'long tail' more economically.

When can we expect to see these changes in the UK? Q2 it seems. Now, is that Q2 of this year or of the next financial year?
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