Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sitemaps Part 2

I've mentioned earlier that Google Sitemaps are recommended by Google as the way to submit your new website to their index. Well, using sitemaps can mean that your website is indexed within days.

Fresh Web Services recently designed a website for Gist Consulting of Leicester. Gist Consulting provide professional writing and researching services - proofreading, copywriting, press releases, website copy, report writing and summarising, etc. Well, we submitted their sitemap to Google last Friday & Gist's new website was in Google's index on the following Monday - essentially indexed in about 2 days. Pretty impressive.

However, that's not the end of the story, as far as getting Gist's website well placed in the search engines. The Gist Consulting website has been developed using the Joomla content management system. This means it uses dynamic urls, which can be a problem for search engines. However, we've used a 'url re-writing' package (OpenSEF) to turn these urls into search engine friendly (SEF) urls - meaning they have keywords in the url & appear as static urls to the search engines
Also, there's all the other SEO (search engine optimisation) thingies that we have to do to ensure top rankings.

However, getting indexed in Google within 2 days is still pretty impressive. If only MSN, etc, could also provide such a quickfire indexing method.
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